Cutter Innovations, Your Source For Precision 5 Axis Machining, Wire EDM & Turning

Cutter Innovations is a Colorado-based ISO Certified manufacturing company specializing in the precision machining of exotic metals and product development.  At our state-of-the-art precision cnc machine shop, our talented staff has over 50 combined years of experience and is capable of delivering tight tolerances in exotic materials, on time, and to your specifications.

Our engineers have an industry-recognized expertise in solid modeling (Certified SolidWorks Professionals) and specialize in assisting our customers with product development. We’re able to offer our clients the following capabilities:

ISO Certified: We’ve developed, implemented, maintained and streamlined our quality management system conforming to 9001:2008 requirements.

Prototyping: If you’re concerned about the viability of your product, our quick turn precision machining services can help deliver a final product using the best methods available. This can include advanced fixturing, efficient 5-axis machining setups, and much more. Exotic alloys welcome!

Manufacturing: Within our 12,500 square foot precision machine shop, we’re capable of high-speed machining, live-tool turning, wire EDM, 3 & 5 axis milling and much more.

Engineering: With our extensive experience in R&D, we work with clients hand in hand to achieve their goals and maintain intellectual property protections throughout development.

Inspection: Our precision machine shop utilizes meticulous measurement inspection technology within a temperature-controlled environment. We employ programmable vision systems and scanning CMM technology as well as calibrated and controlled metrology tools to ensure quality.

Validation: We understand the need to validate every step of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee quality and customer assurance.

Management: We return quotes for prototypes and short-run production work within 48 hours, in most cases. We are an ‘open book’ Company and will share our costing with our Customers to ensure 100% transparency in the bidding process.

Quality Assurance: We maintain strong practices and procedures to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

5 Axis Machining

3, 4, and 5 axis machining centers to meet both prototype and production requirements.

5 axis machining part


Both Vision and CMM capabilities to rapidly measure dimensions within .0001″.


Quality Assurance

Our procedures ensure that specifications are met with each and every part.

Quality Assurance Capabilities of Cutter Innovations


Cutter Innovations has extensive experience in research and development environments.

Engineering Capabilities of Cutter Innovations

At Cutter Innovations strongly believes in quality work and maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. With us, you can expect nothing short of our best possible effort and we’re always willing to offer insight and recommendations to help make your products better. Whether its high-speed precision machining, 5 Axis Machining, wire EDM, precision CNC turning in exotic metals, EDM machining, or product development and prototyping, you can trust our team to get quality results. Contact us today and send us your product specifications!


Cutter Innovations – Your Choice For Precision Aerospace Machining
The Challenge

The machining of precision parts presents aerospace machine shops with a number of unique challenges including:

  •     The size and the shape of the components result in highly complex contours that require 5 axis CNC machining to ensure precision.
  •     The components must be machined in accordance with quality control guidelines to meet extremely tight tolerances.
  •     The metals used to create the aerospace engine parts are typically hard and high-temperature resistant which makes them difficult to machine.
  •     Additional materials such as lightweight aluminum, special alloys, and carbon-fiber composites also need to be worked into the manufacturing process.

The Solution – Cutter Innovations

At Cutter Innovations, we provide a custom-built service designed to precisely meet all of your aerospace parts manufacturing requirements.

  •     Our quotes are easy to understand and are delivered in a timely manner, with open-book bidding on request.
  •     We use state-of-the-art 5-axis machines and specialized software in our aerospace machine shop to manufacture parts that meet our customers’ precise needs.
  •     Our high-quality vendor network enables us to handle all aspects of component manufacturing.
  •     Through innovation and engineering excellence, our highly skilled staff enable us to deliver components more economically and more efficiently than other aerospace components manufacturers.
  •     As you would expect from a company like Cutter Innovations, ALL of our work is totally quality controlled and guaranteed.

Partnering With Cutter Innovations

Cutter Innovations is a Colorado-based ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing company specializing in the precision machining of exotic metals and product development.

At our state-of-the-art precision aerospace machine shop, our talented team has over 50 combined years of experience. We deliver tight tolerances in exotic materials, on time and to your specifications.

With over two decades of research and development experience, we have manufactured precisely engineered components for the aerospace, medical, oil & gas and alternative energy industries.

Based on our wide R&D expertise, we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers engineering consultancy services. We treat our customers and their intellectual property with total confidentiality and respect.

Our ISO 9100 Aerospace Machining Methods

WIRE EDM SERVICES – This process uses a continuous strand of electrically stimulated wire cuts that does not induce stress on the materials. Typical tolerances are +/- 0.0001”.

CNC MILLING SERVICES – This process uses a computer-controlled, rotating cutting tool that produces a shape or form with great reliability and repeatability. Typical tolerances are +/- 0.0005”. Through true 5-axis CNC machining, this process can be used on all metals, alloys, and plastics.

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