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Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

With aerospace parts machining, extremely tight tolerances and metals that are challenging to work with are both necessary and standard operating conditions. Cutter Innovations is definitely up to the challenge of providing high-quality engine components and turbine blade parts for aircraft, as well as structural elements that compose an airplane’s form.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining uses computers to control the machine, be they mills, grinders, lathes or routers. For the most complex parts to be machined, five-axis machining is the cutting-edge technology and the reason why it is used for most aerospace applications.

Extremely complicated machined contours are typical in the aerospace sector and include large-travel five-axis tools that are capable of manufacturing sizable structural parts for aircraft. Further, five-axis reliably and expertly handles materials like lightweight aluminum and carbon-fiber composites for structural parts and aircraft skins and titanium and Inconel alloy materials for engines and engine components. In addition to extra large, five-axis machines, precision grinders and turn-mill machines are used routinely in aerospace machining to create precision parts.

About Cutter Innovations Aerospace Machining Capabilities

Cutter Innovations prides itself on its core competencies, which are precision milling, wire EDM, four-axis turning and expert engineering design and consulting services. The combination of these competencies means that we can respond to you quickly, with highly serviceable components and great quality assurance for your aerospace needs. Additionally, there are several other reasons why Cutter should be your “go-to” aircraft parts machining partner:

  •  Our five-axis machines and expertise allow the creation and measurement of difficult parts.
  •  Our experienced and skilled machining technicians and engineers deliver 100-percent quality-checked parts to you faster and more affordable than other shops.
  • Our vast vendor base allows us to efficiently handle any non-destructive, processing and hardening requirements.
  • Our state-of-the-art machining centers and software make your job priority and ensure the finest quality.
  • Our team members are customer-friendly. Quotes are typically complete within two to five business days using an open-book bidding process.

Cutter Innovations is registered as an ISO 9001:2015 company, providing exceptional quality machining services to add value to all of your aerospace projects. With over 50 years of precision machining experience and two decades of research, development, and engineering, Cutter Innovations delivers. We have manufactured and shipped components to the medical, oil and gas, alternative energy and the aerospace industries.

Cutter Innovations’ extensive experience in R & D environments serves our customers well, as we can provide engineering assistance and outsourced engineering consulting services as needed. Our vision is to be a strong manufacturing partner for each of our customers, and for that reason, we work hand-in-hand with your team, while closely guarding your intellectual property throughout the entire development process.

Our ISO 9100 Aerospace Machining Methods

WIRE EDM SERVICES – ISO 9100 capability of a continuous strand of wire to cut with an intense electrical current. No added stress to the materials, and within +/- 0.0001” tolerances. All materials are electrically conductive. The Nadcap wire is EDM accredited.

CNC MILLING SERVICES – A Computer-controlled tool that rotates and cuts to produce shapes and forms with excellent reliability and replicability. Typical tolerances are +/- 0.0005”. Used for all metals, plastics, and alloys. True five-axis machining is available as well.


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